A small new work on paper of mine will be available at the 2017 Art Crush Auction, to benefit the amazing Southeastern art blog BURNAWAY. 

February 11, 2017 at Gallery 874 in Atlanta, GA. I hope to see you there!

Delays and Interuptions @ Central Collective in Knoxville, TN

Two-person exhibition with artist Jessie Van der Laan. 

Over the last year or so, Jessie and I have created a series of collaborative diptychs - each contributing a work on paper using a variety of media. Having been friends for 8 years and longtime admirers of one another's studio practices, this project allowed us a space to position our working methods alongside one another. Each artist began by creating six drawings which were them mailed to the other. Upon receipt, we creaed a piece to exist alongside that which we received. 

The title of this exhibition, Delays and Interuptions, refers to the process by which this work was created. Jessie and I initially became acquainted during our individual graduate programs, a period characterized by intense focus and making. Since that time our lives have siginificantly shifted with new jobs, homes, and the new roles as parents. As such, our studio work has had to adapt to the circumstances of our lives. This body of work (and it's stop-and-start process of creation) is reflective of the shift in our individual studio practices that have developed over the course of that time, and draws on imagery that springs directly from those realities. 

Delays and Interuptions will be on view from January 6 until the end of the month. Following this exhibition, the work will travel to Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia for a second more intimate viewing in the Smith-Wilson Art Gallery (SWAG). 

Solo Exhibition @ Carlos Gallery, University of the South

From the press release:

Seeing in the Dark is composed of several distinct series made over the last several years, each piece touching on or relating to ideas of the night. Culturally and historically, “night” can connote the mysterious or wicked: deserving of a sense of fear of the unknown. In this exhibition, Hitselberger embraces all these associations but seeks to extend them. He uses the image of a night sky as visual shorthand to communicate more complex conceptual intentions: longing for that which is out of reach, the sublime, a sense of the mysterious, the infinite.

On view Oct. 8th-30th.

Lightweight @ Hambidge Center

I'm honored that one of my diptychs is featured in this excellent group exhibition, curated by the formidable Lisa Alembik. 

Hambidge Fellows were invited to submit work that explores their definitions of or connections with the term ‘lightweight.’ Themes could reference a state of being, such as suspension, buoyancy, or being untethered. Light, brightness, or that which takes form through light could be the focus. Lightweight might reference being a teetotaler, or body image, or a weight category of sorts. Through their work the artist might strive to patch over or remove heaviness—or maybe pull away from a heavy tangled weight.

On view March 19 – June 11, 2016. 

Transitory Identifications

Currently part of a group exhibition at Linda Matney Gallery in Williamsburg, VA. Transitory Identifications, the 5th Anniversary Exhibit of the gallery, takes identity and its eternally shifting nature as its subject matter, as explored through the work a grouping of artists working across a range of media. 5 of my "Diptychs" are included as part of this exhibition. On view through December 14th. Above image by Christi Harris. 

"Forgetting the Self" featured in article

news@UNG has generously written about my current show on their campus. Reception/artist talk this week, Thursday September 3rd at 5 pm in the auditorium of the Hoag Student Center. 
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